Puppentheater Zwickau (Germany)

puppeteers return to their renovated venue

After a thorough renovation, the Puppet Theater Zwickau was reopened with a festive reception on July 01, 2019. Representatives of the press, construction companies, administration and authorities as well as partner companies such as K.M.E., which supplied the sound system, were invited to the event. With a story written especially for this occasion, the enseble as well as the employees thanked everyone involved. With scenic light effects and sound effects, the audience was enchanted by the actors. It is impressive what emotions puppet theater can generate, even among "larger visitors".

In addition to the domestic technology, the sound system was completely renewed. K.M.E. was concious choosen to be the supplier for this project. As a partner with the necessary know-how and quality sound products, this decision was not difficult. Due to the early integration into the project, the loudspeakers could be placed optimally and thus a perfect sound result could be achieved. Technical Director J. Schwientek and Managing Director J. Flemming were extremely satisfied with the sound characteristics and quality after the successful opening event. Above all, the clear presence of language in the audience as well as the even distribution convinced.

The main PA system consist of two VLS 64 column loudspeakers with VB 18 subwoofers for low extention and effect bass. As Delayline under the balcony two ICS 2 are used for the sound of the last rows. For the column loudspeakers, the portable variant was used, which is flown with a cradle mounted on pipes in front of the portals. Thus, the public address system can also be used very flexibly for the summer outdoor open air events outside the venue.
Since the control room is located above the rear audience area and separated with a pane, two ICS 2 and an IB 8 deliver the reinforcement for the sound engineer.
For stage monitoring, two VLX 10 are used in the lighting bridge. For additional applications there are three MCX 12 stage monitors available.
Two more VLS 64 at the rear truss can be used for effects from the backstage.

All loudspeakers are powered by the digital control amplifier DA 428. These can be controlled remotely via the control room with the optional Dante module.

We thank the Puppet Theater Zwickau and all those responsible for the good cooperation and wish a good start to the season.