The VB 18w / VB 18(8) / VB18 is a compact design subwoofer which features a powerful and precise bass sound reproduction at high sound pressure levels. The optimized tunnel geometry reduces the air flow noise to a minimum. The VB 18w has an integrated frequency crossover. It ensures that the bass frequencies are directed to the loudspeaker and the remaining sound frequencies are sent to the Mid/High-Out. Main field of application is the assembly of passively channeled PA systems. The VB 18(8) resp. VB 18 directs the input signal directly to the loudspeaker. This subwoofer is ideal for building or extending actively channelled PA systems. It is available in 4 ohm or 8 ohm.

Where To Buy
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  • Churches / Theatres / Restaurants
  • Multimedia presantations
  • Surround sound applications
  • Clubs and discotheques
  • Multipurpose halls and community centres
  • Theme parks


  • passive 18“ direct radiating subwoofer
  • stacking elements and notches guarantee safe stacking

Durable and value stable

  • impregnated loudspeaker membrane for inside and outside installations

  • weather resistant wooden casing due to polyurethane coating


Components 18“ neodymium
Dispersion omnidirectional
Nominal load (AES / program) 500 / 1000 W
Impedance 4 ohms
SPL nom. (Fullspace@1W/1m) / max. SPL (at AES nominal load) 100 / 127 dB
Frequency range (-10 dB) 38 Hz - fx
Dimensions (W x H x D) 520 x 610 x 525 mm
Weight 27 kg
Connectors 2 x Speakon NL 4
Finishing PU coating (black)
Special features M20 threaded flange for stand, 2 side mounted carrying handles, stacking elements
Protective grille sturdy front grille with acoustic foam

In use / reference projects

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