Help & Music

Hybrid Source QH 5045 V2

The people behind Help & Music, the musicians, the friends, the relatives and the organizers have once again managed to put on a brilliant benefit concert. Thanks to the great support of the Naturtheater Grötzingen, the musicians were able to give an open-air concert for an enthusiastic audience in favor of the Förderverein krebskranker Kinder Tübingen e.V. and the Malteser outpatient children and youth hospice service.

42 musicians, a warm summer night, music from films, musicals and opera and an enthusiastic audience - what more could the heart desire? Helping can be so beautiful and also fun. "Just such a location as the Naturtheater Grötzingen, in the middle of nature and the breathtaking scenery, gave the benefit concert that special something and made it a successful summer night concert under the open sky," raves Jörg Beutel, the first chairman of Help & Music e.V., directly after the concert. "We are very grateful to the Naturtheater Grötzingen for supporting us so energetically in our relief action ", he added. The stage technology, staged by Stefan Turata ( TTS Events ), was also exceptional and gave the concert its special setting. The sound system of K.M.E. impressed with crystal-clear amplification of the actors on stage up to the last rows. The used double clusters QH 5045 V2 distributed the sound homogeneously over the complete width of the audience rows. In the low frequency range, the whole was rounded off by 8x QLB 118 direct radiating 18" subwoofers. TTS Events relied on the proven QL1 from Yamaha for the mixing console. The monitoring was done with the mighty 12“ coaxial stage monitor MCX 12.

Pictures: Stefan Turata (TTS Events)