Cinema Auditorium at Grassi Museum

Hybridsystems and Subwoofer for Surround Sound

In the process of redesigning their multi-purpose cinema auditorium, the Grassi Museum Leipzig decided to implement a K.M.E. system for sound reproduction. The sloping downwards hall is used, among other things, for film screenings in the context of festivals, podium discussions and lectures. For this use case, the installed technology was no longer adequate and contemporary.

The existing surround sound system was significantly enhanced by three QF 5045 V2 above and next to the historic cinema organ in the front (Left, Center, Right). The acoustically difficult conditions due to reverberant concrete walls were mastered with the direct radiating speakers by avoiding reflections. For the foremost rows of seats, a ILS 64 is installed flat behind the sound-transmitting screen. The neutral frequency behavior as well as the presence allow for an unadulterated reproduction of the various high-quality sound formats. For bass reproduction two QLB 118 G are used, which are mounted on the left and right sides of the walls. The amplification of the audio signals coming from the Crestron HD-XSP DSP is taken over by a DA 428 for all tops as well as a DA 230 digital power amplifier for the subwoofer. Content can be provided either via the integrated Denon DBP-2012 UD Blu-ray player or external HDMI sources.

From October 28 to November 3, 2019, the DOK Leipzig, the leading festival for documentary and animated film, will return to the Grassi Museum. The film screenings and linguistic contributions can now be presented to the public with state of the art equipment.

The project was planned and implemented by our partner Studio-Elektroakustik GmbH.

Picture: “Eingang Grassi-Museen, Leipzig” from Dirk Goldhahn. Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0