Olympic Centre Sportforum Berlin uses K.M.E.

"Große Halle" with modern sound reinforcement system

The Great Hall in the sports forum Berlin offers space for about 1700 spectators and is used today mainly for training and competition of the 2nd Bundesliga team of the volleyball club Olympia Berlin. Other outstanding events take place in the sports judo, archery, badminton and gymnastics in the Great Hall. Thus, the hall was the venue for the junior team cup in gymnastics, the European Cadet Cup U17 and the U21 in judo.
From the existing and future requirements, the operators decided for a high-performance sound system from K.M.E. A homogeneous sound distribution with absolute speech intelligibility in the stands and the playing field was the proviso. These could be achieved by a combination of Pano Line Arrays, flown Pano Subwoofers and Fisco installation loudspeakers. For the stands four line arrays with 4x Pano QL 906 and 2x Pano QL 1215 as downfill as well as two subwoofer hangs with 3x Pano QLB 118X each are used. The central positioning allows for perfect sound reinforcement with a maximum amount of direct sound. For the sides hybrid loudspeakers QF 5045 V2 from the Pano series are used. Four Fisco IPS 10 cover the field.
The entire set-up is powered by digital power amplifiers DA 230 and DA 428. Two Dante cards installed in the DA 428 take over the signal routing to the sound system. The network-capable digital power amplifiers can be remotely controlled and thus integrate seamlessly into the building technology.

This project was implemented in cooperation with B.I.N.S.S. Media Technology GmbH.