Fisco Speakers for Hearing Care Professionals

Crystal clear sound reproduction

The company audiosus based in Sugenheim/Germany is relying on installation loudspeakers of the Fisco series. The speakers are used in conjunction with a special novel method for frequency adjustment of hearing aids. Two VLS 64 for front, two ICS 1 for rear and an IB 8 subwoofer are used. This setup is powered by a DA 428 system power amplifier. It is controlled via a touch interface and is completely intuitive.

"With the audiosus aurelia fitting system, the hearing aid system is set on the basis of a normal hearing person with the aim of keeping your hearing aid system as close to hearing like before as possible."

It is fascinating what is possible with today's technology in the field of hearing aid acoustics. With the targeted and individual adaptation of the hearing aid systems instruments to the sensation of hearingthe customer can be given a natural hearing with aurelia.

With their extremely homogeneous and linear reproduction, the ILS 64 column loudspeakers are predestined for this task and also blend in beautifully with the adaption rooms.

The aurelia concept with software, training and K.M.E. Speakers is distributed exclusively by audiosus.