Active System

The active and ultra-compact DSP controlled PA System SD X consists of the fully digital system unit VSS 28 with integrated 2 x 8" woofers and the two multifunctional 4x 4" + 1x 1" loudspeakers VLX 4, which can be used as top, delay line or front fill.

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SD X Active System VLX 4 VSS 28


Columnarray in mini format for entertainer & duos.


  • system power 800 W RMS
  • up to 150 people
  • VSS 28 + 2x VLX 4


Thanks to the latest digital technology, the usable dynamic range of the audio signal is increased by reducing conversion losses to a minimum and achieving even better sound quality. By using neodymium speakers the weight is reduced by 20% on average. The Plug`n`Play idea becomes reality - set up, plug in, load the preset and off you go!