SBÄM Fest in Linz/Austria

Punk rock at its best

„SBÄM Fest in Linz/Austria“ details

GALO at the city festival of Weißenfels (Germany)

„GALO at the city festival of Weißenfels (Germany)“ details

Help & Music

Hybrid Source QH 5045 V2

Charity concert at the Nature Theater Grötzingen (Germany)

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St.-Georgen-Kirche Schwarzenberg (Germany)

Vicente Patíz opens the music summer with his program "Sonido del Mundo - Sounds of the World".

VLS 64 with VSS 15

„St.-Georgen-Kirche Schwarzenberg (Germany)“ details

The special nativity play

Nativity play also this year? Only How?

Sound reinforcement concept for church communities

„The special nativity play“ details