GALO at the city festival of Weißenfels (Germany)

The Old Town Festival in Weißenfels has grown into a permanent feature in the event calendar and was able to inspire numerous visitors again this year. With a colorful selection of artists, a round program for all ages was offered. The event was technically supervised and implemented by our partner JAM SOUND Systems from Lützen. Many thanks for the great work!

Main PA:
20 x GALO G10 Line Array Element
12 x GALO GB 218 Subwoofer
Near Fills:
12 x PANO QL906
Side Fills on Stage:
4 x QF 5045 V2 Hybrid Source Tops
6 x QLB 215 Subwoofer
10 x MCX 12
1 x VB 215 (Drum Fill)
21 x DA 230 Digitale Systemverstärker
6 x DA 428 Digitale Systemverstärker

Bilder: Markus Taubert, Alexander Kempf